Yoga Burn Reviews for 2019

As a yoga teacher and nutrition nut, I am the “go-to” girl for my friends who are trying to get healthier or establish better eating habits. Because of this, I am always looking for new fitness programs to add to my repertoire, especially if the sequences help promote weight loss.

Two of my friends Mary and Sabrina have been trying to battle their weight for years. After having a baby and slipping into some bad eating habits, Mary was unable to take off her baby weight. On the other hand, Sabrina has been holding onto some extra weight for most of her life and wanted to get rid of it once and for all.

After I decided to write a Yoga Burn review, I decided to make this more interesting. So I challenged Mary and Sabrina to complete it with me for the next 12 weeks. I knew they would benefit from this training, both by helping with their weight and by getting them into a type of exercise they might want to continue doing for years to come.

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels when it comes to weight loss and not reaping any benefits from your efforts? Let’s find out what the 12-week program did for Mary and Sabrina and if it helped them acheive a leaner body.

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Why Yoga?

Yoga Burn Negative ReviewsYoga has stood the test of time and has been used in India for 5,000 years with terrific results. My boyfriend does Kung Fu and even they use Yoga poses before and after training!

While some believe yoga doesn’t raise your heart rate enough to burn enough calories to lose weight, I am living proof that it works.

When I started practicing yoga 12 years ago, I was carrying an extra 50 pounds on my body and spending most of my days wishing for a nap. In less than a year of practicing yoga almost daily, I lost those 50 pounds and gained a lot of energy to help me through each day.

My own health journey was a direct result of my yoga practice, in addition to adopting of a healthy diet. My body changed from the inside out and I became eager to share it with others who were struggling with their weight.

Can You Benefit From Yoga Burn?

Zoe Bray CottonYoga, in general, can benefit anyone who is looking to improve their overall quality of life, as it reduces stress and increases overall wellbeing – both physically and mentally. However, this program was specifically created to help women who want to lose weight and keep it off.

Zoe Bray-Cotton, the well-known yoga instructor who created this program, gained her expertise by working with a wide variety of clients for over a decade. She is great at giving practical guidance to this program so you can easily follow along with her.

This 12-week fitness program is also known as Her Yoga Secrets, referring to Zoe’s Dynamic Sequencing, which is a method that efficiently burns calories and fat that works well for people of any skill level.

Zoe is a warm person who shows compassion for her students, which made this DVD feel very approachable for my friends and me. Even my friend Mary, who had never done yoga before, finished this series with a strong understanding of yoga and could confidently perform all of the poses corretly.

The Yoga Burn DVD

The videos are separated into 3 phases, which each includes 3 15-minute videos that are to be repeated 3 times each. This means that each workout is about 45 minutes, and they should be done once a week. These instructional videos clearly explain and demonstrate each pose and sequence to help you master this art.

One of the things that we liked it best about Yoga Burn was that it starts with the basics and then builds upon your knowledge. This was helpful for my friend Sabrina because she had no experience with yoga going into this process, but she was still able to get off to a great start.

The system gradually builds on the details of yoga poses, so you can learn at a pace that works for you. Let’s take a closer look into the three phases this system offers and what each will do to benefit you. Plus, there are several bonuses that come with the pogram.

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Phase 1: Foundational Flow

This phase will start you off with a strong foundation that you can then build upon. During the foundational flow phase, you will learn the central yoga poses and how to start building a strong connection between your mind and body.

The aspect of this phase that I really appreciated was the time Zoe took to focus on proper form and posture for the poses. While I am familiar with proper form as a practitioner, it was important to me that my friends were able to get the right alignment so they could reap the most benefits from this practice.

If you are a seasoned practitioner, you may feel this instructional part of the video to be a bit slow, however, keep in mind that it is always good to have a refresher on proper posture and form. The time you invest in perfecting your form will always pay off in the end.

Zoe also guides yogis in fostering the “mind-body” connection that is so often talked about in yoga. My friends were able to see how this connection aided them in maintaining the correct form of their poses and pushing through some of the more difficult sequences.

I could feel this four-week phase kick-start the growth of lean muscle in my body, so I know that this initial phase was well-designed to benefit people who are new to yoga as well as those of us who practice on a regular basis.

Both of my friends and I noticed a change soon after starting this phase. We all felt some muscle soreness after a good yoga session working on our strength and flexibility.

This segment of the program will also teach you about the areas of your body you should focus on in order to boost your metabolism. Once you have kickstarted your metabolism, you will be ready to move on to phase two.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow Phase

This is where the fun really begins. Now that you know how to do poses in the correct form, Zoe now walks you through moving seamlessly from one pose to the next, creating a sequence of steady motion. The action of doing this is referred to as a flow.

Because we were now doing slightly more advanced moves than we were during phase 1, we all felt the effects of doing a more intense workout. While we could feel our heart rates rise during these sessions, we knew that we were burning calories and boosting our metabolism.

In addition to focusing on form, Zoe also targets large muscle groups in this 2nd phase. I could feel that the sequences that were taught during this phase really focused on helping me get more toned. With the tips Zoe offers on making a smooth transition from one pose to the next, you will enjoy the movements and realize their importance to your practice.

Finally, Zoe really teaches how to implement your yoga practice to help gain peace of mind and improve your physical health. This transitional phase especially helped my friends to find that mind-body connection while still getting a good workout.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow Phase

Now it was time to take everything we had learned so far and put it all together–while increasing the intensity. It is during this phase that your metabolism will really be impacted and you will feel the burn in your muscles.

Each new video in phase 3 introduces just a few changes. This was designed to encourage muscle fatigue, which can help you get an intense workout in a short period of time. I appreciate the efficiency in this method, even though it was sometimes hard to push through some of the combinations that included both lower and upper body movements.

The dynamic sequencing that was really introduced and put to use in the third phase helped both of my friends and I find what works best for our individual bodies. It also helped us all become more aware of our breath, mind, body, and thoughts.

This third phase will certainly push you past your comfort zone, but it is here where you will gain muscle strength and reduce mental tension. As you reduce your levels of cortisol in phase 3, you will be helping yourself gain lasting results.

After doing the workouts in phase 3, Sabrina, Mary, and I all felt reenergized and certainly noticed a difference in our bodies. I will tell you, both Sabrina and Mary lost a significant amount of weight and felt both physically and mentally stronger after completing this program.

What Comes With This Program?

Aside from the videos that we just detailed, Yoga Burn also comes with a few bonus videos that you can use at any point during this program. These bonus videos are best suited to those who have not had extensive yoga training.

  1. The first bonus video is about 15 minutes long and focuses on the principles of restorative yoga. It is especially great to use during the first phase of this program, as it helps you stretch and relax the muscles that are targeted during phase 1, and teaches you to maintain proper posture.
  2. The second bonus video is also about 15 minutes long and goes into more detail about the basic poses of yoga.
  3. The third bonus video offers a comprehensive pose tutorial for beginners. It will talk you step-by-step through 21 basic poses to help you improve your form and technique.
  4. A 4th phase, which comes as a free bonus if you buy through our special link.

What you get:

  • A physical and digital copy of the program at $37 (click here)
  • You can also et a 25% discount package with 2 copies at $57 total. This is ideal for you and a friend or family member.

When you get this program, you will also be setting yourself up to get a healthier and more flexible body. It will also allow you to gain the necessary insight to gain a lifelong commitment to yoga due to its ability to release everyday stress.

Finally, you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee when you buy Yoga Burn. Zoe stands behind her product and knows you will get the results you are looking for.

Now let’s look at some of the things that really set this product apart from others on the market.

Positive Points 👍

  1. It is approachable.Even if you are new to yoga, you will feel comfortable right away with Zoe’s style of instruction. Her lessons are comprehensive and easy to follow along.
  2. It delivers on its promise. This set of DVDs is purchased by people who are looking to lose weight through yoga, and it certainly does its job well. Both of my friends were able to take off the weight they were holding onto while doing this program along with a healthy diet of clean eating.
  3. It is credible. With my experience as a yoga teacher, I can tell you that Zoe knows her stuff. She is passionate about yoga and wants her students to succeed. With her extensive experience, she may even turn non-yogis into dedicated practitioners.
  4. It focuses on the foundational principles of weight loss. If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know there is no quick-fix. Obtaining a healthy body requires eating real food and exercising.
  5. It is enjoyable. Yoga is a type of workout that is enjoyed by many people over traditional methods of exercise. In this particular set of instructional DVDs, Zoe makes the workout fun with her positive energy.
  6. It is guaranteed to work! With its 60-day money-back guarantee, you don’t have to feel unsure about the program. You are given two months to test it out and see your results.

Negative Points 👎

  1. The program requires patience. You probably didn’t gain weight overnight, and you certainly won’t lose it that way either. As any program really should, it takes time to notice any results.
  2. You have to provide your own motivation. While you will definitely enjoy these DVDs while you are doing them, it is still up to you to actually press “play” and get to work. There is no set time for these videos to begin or end.

Our Results!

Looking at results alone, this experience has been very effective.

  • Mary was able to get rid of her leftover baby weight
  • Sabrina toned her body and dropped 2 dress sizes.

However, it is certainly worth mentioning that they both had the commitment factor almost guaranteed as we held each other accountable during the 12-week process. Also, as a yoga practitioner, I think both of my friends were motivated by having someone in the group who knew the drill.

In other words: If you do it, it works. Exercise always works!

It has been almost 6 weeks since we completed the program. Both Mary and Sabrina continued to practice Yoga Burn on their own and have enjoyed seeing continued results. Sabrina as since dropped another dress size and Mary is feeling great about her post-maternity body.

Zoe offers great instruction on incorporating yoga into your life and how to use it to lose weight. Her engaging lessons are easy to follow along with at home and offer women a convenient way to get into shape without needing to attend scheduled classes or join a gym. This is a challenging, yet very doable, program for women to follow who are looking to get into shape.

Final Rating

YogaThis yoga program gets
and my Lotus Seal of approval!

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This concludes our collective Yoga Burn reviews, and we had a great time doing it!