About Me

Dear friend,

I am Maria Davis. On my yoga blog, we would like to offer you a lot of information on various topics in the area of Yoga & Meditation. Yoga is so great, and there is so much to learn about, we would like to share it with you here.

I am infinitely grateful that I can do and share with others what gives me the most joy and at the same time gives meaning and direction to my life.

My home is in beautiful California. I love fitness, sailing, walking, and cycling. Since 2008 I have been on my yoga path, which began in an LA yoga studio.

A feeling of freedom and ease is an essential part of my yoga experience. Learning what feels right for my own body is my credo. Motivated by my own experiences with yoga, which have influenced my life very positively, I would like to share yoga with other people in a holistic way.

I can hardly imagine a life without yoga, even independent of teaching. Yoga, for me, is an attitude towards life that everyone can incorporate into their everyday life. Pure yoga begins beyond the mat. It is the way we think and feel, laugh, and handle our worries.

Maria <3